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What’s Up With The Website Trends For 2015?

The year 2014 is gradually packing its gear and heading out; it has been a splendid year indeed for the online community especially in the area of web design that was ultimately geared at converting the highest number of visitors to buyers. Most of these websites were not at all complex, and navigability was easy and user-friendly.

Web Design, What’s Up With The Website Trends For 2015?One of the first trends to watch out for is the creation of websites that will be accessible with all the latest designs of desktop computers, tablets and smartphones. In fact, expect to see websites that are easily adapted to be accessed from cars, plasma televisions and watches. We all know how the percentages of the online population who use these mobile devices to visit website have soared this year 2014. Well, expect to see a further rise in the number of mobile website visitors as more mobile devices are created and social media platforms integrated in to the designs of websites come 2015.

Another trend that is expected to rise is the designing of homepages that are longer. This is presently being experienced by mobile users in 2014, so do not expect the trend to go away but to keep on rising. Most users like to access whatever your website has to offer right there from the homepage rather than click and wait for the second or third pages to load before getting the information they want. We live in a fast world, and it is not going to slow down anytime soon.

You want to capture your website visitors’ attention as soon as he visits your site? Then integrate large images and even videos on the homepage of your website; and no, it would not slow down the speed of loading of your site. Since this is a rising trend expected in 2015, developers and webhosts have begun to recognize the need for increase in bandwidth.

Content is king, therefore expect advances in typography; users will be able to enjoy the reading of text on any mobile device as they would on PCs. The bold typography combined with the use of images mentioned earlier will allow web traffic to have a rich experience when visiting your site.

Pop-up windows known as micro interactions which are geared toward increasing user interaction will be on the increase in the year 2015. It will be done in such a way as not to seem annoying but increase user experience.

The biggest trend of 2014 is expected to gain steam; one of such is the use of flat designs on websites. This will prevent your site from being muddled up and make your content more focused. It is also easier for mobile users of phones and tablets to access websites.

Increase of social media interactions is also expected. You will definitely see more integration of social media sites on websites to further promote user interaction.

In conclusion, do not fall behind. Be on the sharp lookout for many more of these trends apart from those outlined above that is bound to come up in the world of web design.

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