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2015 SEO Strategies – What To Focus On?

  • Posted on: 12, 01, 2014
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The world of search engine optimization has never been constant. With the release of new updates at every point in time and new schemes evolve; it is a trend that will always matter in the world of online marketing. For example, there have been as much as 13 updates to the world’s number one search engine algorithm within this year 2014. Take note that there may probably have been more behind-the-scenes updates than the ones made public. So what are the SEO changes we need to make in order not to fall behind?

One of the changes is to make sure you create and also optimize your site for mobile traffic. About 2 years ago, it was predicted that mobile traffic would exceed traffic from PCs and this has been found to be true. From Google’s perspectives, responsive websites are the ones that provide the best and the richest user experience; recently, they have begun to include a notation next to mobile friendly websites that appear in mobile search engine results.

SEO, 2015 SEO Strategies – What To Focus On?

Something intriguing seems to be going on between Firefox and Google. It is now a fact that the love affair between the popular browser and the number one search engine has officially ended, and Firefox has got a new partner; Yahoo! Google does not appear to want to renew its deal with Safari in the year 2015 and both Bing and Yahoo are trying to clinch that coveted spot. What does this tell you? Make sure your website is visible across these platforms.

Engage the use of social media to further increase your website’s interaction with its daily traffic. These days, social audiences expect a more personal approach to things, and your website will be in the perfect position to interact with them as you effectively market your brand and also build rapport on a service provider-customer level. Do not be fixated on just one social media platform; engage the most popular ones as this would help you generate more sales and subscribers that may possibly help you by spreading or sharing your web content.

The days of building links are unofficially over; in fact, there’s no concrete future for the creation of links that are not naturally generated. Note that links that are inbound are the ones relevant and engender authority and trust. Strive to earn real quality links from high authority blogs or sites that are relevant to your website’s content. This is highly valuable and the potential gains of increase in traffic, SEO, leads, subscribers, brand exposure and sales cannot be overemphasized.

Aim at keywords that are long-tailed since these types of keywords are not hard to rank, have less competitors and you will get a more targeted traffic visiting your site. Therefore, make adequate research about keywords relevant to your site.

Focus more on returns on investment rather than just ranking for certain keywords. Work with SEO companies who are result-oriented when it comes to generating revenue compared to just ranking on search engines.

No matter which way you look at it, SEO is going to be very relevant as regards driving quality buying traffic to websites for a long time to come.

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