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Your website is a reflection of your brand online. Do not let a poorly designed and clumsily developed website mar your chances of success. Hire the dedicated, quality and cost-effective web development services from SHARTOR and take a step towards success today…

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SEO is indispensable for increasing your brand visibility and for reaching out to potential customers. If you do not have the know-how or time to implement SEO yourself, avail of the quality and affordable SEO services offered by SHARTOR. Click to know more…

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Online market is getting fiercely competitive. If you cannot manage your brand online, you are going to get lost in the crowd. But, with SHARTOR’s comprehensive and affordable online brand management packages, you can take your brand to new heights. Read more…

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What’s Up With The Website Trends For 2015?

The year 2014 is gradually packing its gear and heading out; it has been a splendid year indeed for the online community especially in the area of web design that was ultimately geared at converting the highest number of visitors to buyers. Most of these websites were not at all complex, and navigability was easy […]

E-Commerce, E-Commerce Is Booming In 2015! This Is How

Why Online Is The Future Of Branding?

Before we dive into the bulk of the content on this page I want to make one thing clear; no matter how much branding changes over the years (i.e. the methods used become increasingly more digital), the traditional aspects of branding will still apply. There will still be a need to put effort into the […]

E-Commerce, E-Commerce Is Booming In 2015! This Is How

E-Commerce Is Booming In 2015! This Is How

The year of 2015 will see huge trends in the consumer adoption of online grocery, and mobile device consumption. This further boosts E-Commerce in general, mainly do to more people buying groceries online, and more people being connected to the internet at all times, thanks to mobile devices. There was a period when individuals used […]

E-Commerce, E-Commerce Is Booming In 2015! This Is How

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  • Availing of Shartor’s Online Brand Management Package has been the best decision we have made for our business.

    Building a commendable presence online is every business’s need. There are so many things and so many steps involves in getting the desired result that it is best to leave these things to experts. We are so glad that we put on trust on the team at Shartor. We just explained them our vision about our business website and they did a commendable job in bringing it together in such a short span of time. Everything from creation of the site, hosting, web development, SEO, branding, social media marketing, etc., was handled very professionally by them. Whenever we had any query, they were very quick to respond. The best part is we got everything done at such an affordable price! Shartor made a huge difference to our business and we are more than happy for the work they did for us. I highly recommend their ‘Online Brand Management Package’ for anyone looking to build an online presence.

    Hitesh Panjwani

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